Our Fleet

Workover Rigs

Panther workover rigs are equipped to meet your needs from start to finish. Our fleet consists of 575 HP Service King rigs with 102’ masts and all rigs have a 250,000-pound pull weight rating. Most rigs are equipped with Posi-Stop crown-to-ground. Additional rigs feature the Crown-O-Matic safety device. In addition to our fully equipped rig package, Panther offers a full range of services and auxiliary equipment to meet your needs including: BOP pressure testing, swabbing, mud pumps and tanks, base beams, catwalks, light towers (with built-in generators), power swivels, pipe racks, rod fishing tools, all necessary expendables and much more.

Large Volume Trucks

Panther Pumping Services offers a fleet of large volume, high-pressure trucks to meet your needs. 2500 HP engines driving quintiplex fluid ends will provide the volume you need for many applications. A full compliment of iron can be configured to individual location requirements and operator’s specifications. Our command center provides an enclosed area for data logging and pump control. Ideal applications include toe preps, acid flushes, gun runs, high rate flushes and more.

Medium Volume Units

NLB trailer units are mobile mounted, 650 HP quintiplex pumps with operator cabs for precise delivery of fluids between 0-3bbl per minute. Ideal applications include casing tests, PPKs, and more.

Small Volume Units

Panther features the largest fleet of test units ranging from 0-15K PSI in North Dakota. Our enclosed units provide year round comfort for our clients and field operators in all weather conditions and provide a climate-controlled environment for more precise data recording. Our test trucks are the perfect units for testing and recording data, from drilling rig and workover BOP’s, casing tests, frac valves, lubricators, coiled tube, flowback manifolds, holding backside pressure for frac operations and much more. All trucks equipped with a wide variety of hydraulic wrenches for nipple up/nipple down.

Hydraulic Torque Services

All test trucks carry hydraulic torque wrenches and are capable of torqueing a variety of sizes of well head bolts.