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Panther Pressure Testers Inc

Panther Pressure Testers tests the viability of BOPs at different pressures to check for safety and sustainability. We strive to maintain cleanliness, relations, and reliability. As our valued customer you can expect us to be thorough and diligent about getting the job done with a degree of professionalism reserved for you.

Operations Manager

Name:Brian Szostak

Testing Services

General Services
  • BOP Stacks and Related Valves
  • Choke Manifold and Lines
  • Kill/Mudlines
  • Top Drive/Kelly Valves
  • Casing
  • Workover Rig BOP Stacks

Accumulator Testing
  • Function Test
  • PreCharge Test
  • Timed Test

Production Completion Testing
  • Frac Valve/Master Valve
  • Frac Trees
  • Production Trees
  • Flowback Manifolds
  • Sandtraps
  • Workover Rig BOP Stacks
  • Liners
  • Backside Testing
  • Frac String Testing
  • Hold Back Pressure for
    Frac, Lubricators, and Wireline

Hydraulic "Torc" Wrench Service
  • Available in all trucks
  • BOP Stacks
  • Frac Trees
  • Manifolds
  • Workover BOP Stacks
  • Production Trees
  • Pump House Flanges
  • Torque Flanges to Specifications
  • Break Out Torqued Flanges

Other Services
  • Winterize Frac Trees
  • Productions Trees
  • Manifolds

Our Reputation

  • Punctuality: With our staff of highly trained testers we will always be able to have a tester to your location promptly.
  • Professional: Our JSA procedure is to talk with all personnel before testing to explain the procedure and once cleared, begin testing.
  • Thorough: We stick around until the job is done, and our employees will handle any bumps in the road.
  • Knowledgeable: Each of our testers is trained to be an expert in the field to ensure everything goes to plan.
  • Our Pride: > Expert services
    > Prompt arrival
    > Safe practices
    > Personable attitude