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Panther Pipeline & Facility Testing

Panther offers pipeline and facility testing for large and small pipeline centers, sections of pipe, and projects. Using refitted EMT trucks rated from 0 to 10,000 psi with fully enclosed Triplex pumps, weather is not a hinderance to operations. Panther uses onsite tanks with the ability to pump from 5 to 42 g/m. Personnel are trained for CT-41 testing and are certified to test DOT pipelines.



Service Overview

Scope of practices
  • Fill lines to be tested
  • Pressure test line
  • Drain line
  • Launch drying pigs with air upon request

  • 5 - 42 g/m pumping trucks
  • 0 to 10,000 psi rating
  • 500 bbl lay down tanks
  • Water trucks
  • Compressor rental
  • CT-41 hydrostatically trained
  • DOT Pipeline Certified
  • Upon request Panther offers 3 bbl/m to 16 bbl/m

Test Scheduling

Panther requires a notice when scheduling a test. Preparation and setup crews help ensure minimal delays in the testing process.

  • Large Volume Test: 48 hour notice
  • Small Volume Test: 24 hour notice

Professional Hydrotesting Practices: will be presented to the company man / project manager / engineer at the completion of the test. All information pertaining to the test that was just completed will be included in this package, such as - how the pipe was tested; what fluids were used for the test (water/ Methanol); duration of the test; certifications of personnel that tested the pipe; certifications on all recording devices; digital read out of test, and an analog chart of the test.