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Panther Greasing Services

An additional service of Panther Pressure Testers, Greasing is a wellhead maintenance service. We grease Pump Jacks, extending service life, and increasing ease of use.



Scope of Work

  • > Service Gate valves.
  • > Remove old grease from valve body.
  • > Inject new high Quality Grease EP1, 5% Moly.
  • > Fix leaking stem packings.
  • > Grease hand wheel bearings.
  • > Report any major problems to Pumper/Production Manager immediately.
  • > Replace any high pressure body valve grease fittings that have failed.
  • > Replace any grease zerk on hand wheel bearing.


  • EP1 Grease ensures the valve is completely coated inside. If for any reason, the valve loses its grease, the 5% Moly ensures lubrication will still be present until repairs can be made.
  • Long Term this saves the company money by increasing service life by 66%.

Ensured Quality

  • - Monthy training on safety and greasing.
  • - Random Quality control checks on well sites to ensure work is being done to specification.
  • - Each Well is put on a maintenance Schedule.

  • We Offer> Quarterly or Bi-Annual Schedules